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Query Letter

We'll work with you to produce a query letter that agents will love.



We'll fine-tune and revamp your synopsis, so that it gives agents what they need.



We'll provide professional developmental and line editing for your book.

Why Book Proposal Success is right for you?

You've spent a year writing your book, and it's now time to try and find a literary agent.

That's a scary prospect.

Everyone knows that you only get one shot with an agent. Muck it up and that's it.

Add to this the fact that agents are inundated with book proposals, and you soon realize agents are looking for a reason to say 'no', not 'yes'.

Agents want to make writers jump through hoops when submitting their books.

Agents like book proposals done just right!

Do you want to risk your book being rejected just because you didn't know how to write a book proposal?

We will help your book proposal to succeed.

Our simple system of creating a query letter, synopsis and book extract is tried and tested.

It has been developed, refined and (most importantly) used successfully over the past ten years.

We will:

  • Create a query letter that gives an agent everything they need to make a fair decision.
  • Produce a synopsis that shows the agent enough about the story without being too long and tedious!
  • Professionally edit your book extract so that it is of a publishable standard.

Here's our promise to you and your book:

The book proposal system we'll apply to your writing is tried and tested. founder, Gary Smailes, is a professional book editor and writer.

He's been writing books and then getting them published for the past ten years.

He currently has more than twenty books in print.

He's not only secured an agent, but even has four books in print with the largest book publisher in the world.

That's not all...

Gary is the founder of BubbleCow, a company that provides professional editing for writers.

Since 2007, he's edited more than 500 books.

He's also helped countless writers prepare their book proposals for pitching to agents and publishers.

What you get that's special:

Our unique book proposal system works because we understand one important thing...

The aim of the book proposal is to give the agent enough information to make a fair decision about your book.

If your book is right for the agent, they'll come back to you and ask to see the full manuscript.

Book proposals don't get book deals; their job is to catch the eye of an agent.

Your book will do the rest...

The two things we do that most writers miss:

There are two things we will do for your book proposal that ensures an agent can make a fair choice.

Most book proposals never do these two things, so your book will stand out from the slush pile.

  1. We'll show an agent just where your book fits in the current marketplace. After reading your book proposal, an agent will know exactly which publisher they need to approach to grab you a deal.
  2. We'll demonstrate to an agent what is new, exciting and unique about your book. They'll come away from the book proposal with a clear idea of why they need to represent your book.

We understand how agents work and what it is they are looking for in a book. Your book proposal will contain everything an agent needs to make a fair, informed and rational decision about your book.

In short, your book proposal will not only stand out from the slush pile, but will have an unfair advantage that might just change your life.